Only few months left before the big day!

Here are 15 wedding tips to make sure this day will be perfect: 

1)    The day before, Rest and Relax!

It may seem obvious, but with the excitement and the stress, we often forget about the easiest things in life like resting and relaxing. The day before the wedding, try to go to bed early. It will help having a radiant rested skin and pretty great eyes the D day. You can also go relax on a SPA, with your family or close friends, just fill-up with energy… But please, do not let this evening turns finally into a bachelorette party! That goes for you too gentleman, calm down the boys if needed…

2)    Name a responsible for all guest questions or unforeseen events

De-stress goes with delegate. You won’t be able to handle everything by your own. You have to delegate some tasks to a trusted person. For example, she/he will answer guest’s interrogations, place them during the ceremony or reception, and even help Uncle Zak finding his way to the ceremony…

3)     Plan for a small emergency kit …

Yes, this kit could save your life! Or at least, save your day…But this is pretty good for a small kit on this big day!  Give it to one of your maid of honor (or best man), or to another person who will be by your side most of the day. It would contain for example a pair of extra tights, pins, some make-up for any correction, a toothbrush and a toothpaste, refreshing candies, deodorant, handkerchiefs, refreshing wipes …

4)    Timing, Timing and Timing!

Very often (if not always) small unforeseen events interfere within this day. Nothing serious, but always plan additional minutes between each of the various steps of the day. Also, think about the traveling time between the different places, including possible traffic jam. Sometimes, guests are asked to be present 30 minutes before the actual start of the ceremony. During the elaboration of the planning, do not forget the photographer traveling time. If he/she is in charge of bride and groom getting ready session, you will need to take some time to discuss it with her/him and have it in mind when creating the planning, and even when taking the appointment with the MUA or hairdresser.

5)    First Look or Not First Look? That is the question.

More and more couples decide to plan a first look session before the ceremony. A great opportunity to discover each other in privacy and let the feelings flow … Do not forget to integrate this little sweet moment in your schedule if the idea tempts you. But it is up to you, if you prefer to keep the surprise for the ceremony and share this moment with all your guests.

6)    Lasers are… colorful.

Even if you deeply love the lasers of your preferred DJ, I advise you ask him to not activate them during key moments. Believe me, having green blue or red small spots on your face during your firs dance is NOT what you really want.

7)    Share your complete schedule with your closest family and friends

Send to the key persons (family, MH & BM) the last version of the completed schedule with the addresses of the different places. So they will be more autonomous, and also they will take care of spreading the information to the people in need around you… What gives you more time to enjoy your day rather than to worry about the organizational aspect of it! 

8)    Girls, look after your hairstyle and makeup…

Planning a makeup and hairstyle trial few weeks before the wedding is important. It will spare some precious time the D day, because the professional who will take care of you knows already the texture of your hair and how to perfect your skin. Think of hydrating and matifyng your skin to avoid oily or brilliant effects; this is essential for great images! Please also ask to start first with the makeup part before the hairstyle; the getting ready pictures will be a real success.

9)    …And all the other small details :-)

Yes, all the other details! Be ready to face any eventuality. Manicurist, pedicurist, hair removal… Do not forget anything! Some shots require close-ups on rings for example, and it will be a pity if the nails look neglected at this time. Gentlemen, that goes for you too! Avoid doing some mechanic or cradle your car from top to bottom the day before. You hand would reflect each one of those activities…

10)     Do not neglect light quality

Pictures taken during the ‘Golden Hours’ are magical. The light is softer and the shadows less pronounced. But during a wedding day, it is pretty complicated to manage this parameter and organize everything around it. However, I recommend not planning external ceremonies between 12pm and 3pm during summer time, if possible… For couple portrait, same rule should be applied when possible. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need some lighting tips to better plan this day, or if you wish to know what those golden hours will precisely be on your wedding day.

11)   Maximize your couple portrait session

          a)    Allocate the necessary time

This is one of the most important moments of the day. More than just a shooting session, this is first and foremost a private moment just for you too, where you can connect far away from the crowd and the stress, to relish together this wonderful day. An intimate break. So do not forget to allocate the necessary time to this special part of the day! Generally, this session lasts 1 complete hour.  You may also need to add traveling time and 30 minutes for the pictures with the maids of honor and best men.

          b)    Choose an adapted location

Choose the shooting place according to the style of images you would like to get (urban, natural or rustic …) but also according to the proximity with your reception/ceremony venue.  You know a location that means a lot to you, because it reminds you sweet memories or personal moments?  Perfect! This is even better if there is a special connection between you and this place… You want even more original images, and explore the roofs of the city or the sunflower fields? Well, I am 100% with you! What matters is you, feeling good about the place where you plan to go… Once again, you can always count on your photographer to direct you and propose locations depending on your needs and desires… And do not forget, planning this session during the golden hours would results on speechless images…

          c)     The less people around, the better it is

Generally, we first start with the group pictures (family in priority) then with the maids of honor and best men. Once this is done, those people are free to go and we start the couple portrait session. Couples feel generally more comfortable when they don t have a bunch of people around staring at them, especially if they know them! I always recommend performing this session with the less people around, only the couple, the photographer and the videographer. Sometimes, a maid of honor is present and assists the bride with her dress and her bouquet, or provides the emergency kit if needed. Dear lady, you will always be warmly welcomed to hang out with us during this session! 

          d)    Accessorizing? Yes you can!

You have specific ideas involving accessories? Great! You can add huge colorful balloons, a pretty chair in the middle of the forest, flowers crown… Feel free to contact me for more crazy ideas!

12)    You’re the stars of the day : raise your head and maintain a proper posture

Having a lot of people around staring at you is pretty intimidating…  No worries, as your day goes, the stress will completely disappear and you will feel totally comfortable surrounded by your guests. At all time, try to maintain the proper posture that you want to see in your final pictures. Getting images where you are slouching instead of being sited upright during the ceremony, eating chewing gums, is not the image that we want to keep of this day and to share with the coming generations…  

13)     Be yourself!

Yeah, it is as simple as that! Be natural and smiling as in your everyday life… You cannot imagine how fast this day goes. Take advantage of this day to tell your loved ones how much you love them and how much they are important to you! Be happy, and your pictures will perfectly reflect those moments of joy and happiness!

14)     Day after & Trash the dress

The D day schedule does not allow taking as much pictures as you wish? An unforeseen event has shortened the couple portrait session? The location of your dream is too far away from the reception venue and we cannot go there without dangerously impacting the schedule?  Or you simply wish to take new images in a different style, or at a quiet moment, outside the constraining wedding day schedule? Great! I also propose post-wedding sessions (Day After – Trash the dress). It will be my pleasure to help you plan those complementary sessions…

15)     Love yourself! Love each other!

Marriage is not only about this magical day. Love each other this special day, and all the coming ones. Be patient with your soulmate and show him/her how proud he/she makes you and how important he/she is to you, every day... And if one day, he/she makes you particularly angry, just dive back into your sweet wedding pictures and remember the reasons that made you say “I do”.