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Sana is an experimented Wedding Photographer based in Montreal in Canada. She has covered many weddings around the world, mainly in Montreal and Paris. Easy going and fun, human relationship is at the center of any of her activities. 

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Mademoiselle Sana Photography

Mademoiselle Sana Photography

Loving taking pictures of a pretty union is not enough to be a wedding photographer. Loving connecting with new people and building relationships with them is what makes the difference. This unique approach creates unique bounds on a unique wedding day.

That is what I love doing so much. I want to know everything about you, your happiest moments, your fears, your dreams and how you are feeling. This is how this special day will be captured, with a unique perspective and personalized vision offering speechless results. I am emotionally engaged in every wedding and this pushes me to reach beyond limits and conventions.

My objective is not only to provide you authentic and timeless images, it's also to make sure that your experience with me has exceeded your expectations. Making you feel comfortable and gorgeous is essential to me.

I personally love to associate my photojournalistic style with a more modern, creative and sophisticated approach. And this is how we can have breathtaking pictures.

Being part of a wedding is being part of a special and intimate moment in your life. That is an honour and a responsibility that I take very seriously. 

Feel free to contact me if you want to know more about me!

Mademoiselle Sana Photography